Amelia Windsor, Fashion model: Shapes and Pilates with Paola  helps me to connect with my body to build strength and alignment, concentrating on different muscles and becoming more aware of how my body moves and works. You can take the benefits away with you throughout the day with regards to the way you walk, stand and hold yourself in general


Kayma: I met Paola at Core Collective when I moved to London. After one class, I was eager to try private sessions with her because of her holistic approach to mind and body. She combines the ease of pilates with challenging moves that force the body to grow stronger and leaner through a series of well thought out moves on both the reformer and mat. At the same time, she constantly reminds you that the body gets fatigued way before the mind is ready to succumb. Her sessions are not only about working out, but remembering that you can persevere in all areas of life, by taking the next breath. During each class Paola pushes you to the edge and continues to encourage you. No class is ever the same, and each class is designed to help you achieve your goals. I went from a size 8 to a size 4 in just nine months. I have muscle definition on my core and legs, especially. If you are looking for a workout that pushes you physically and mentally I highly suggests working with Paola!

Poppy Fordham, Fashion PR: Shapes has drastically improved my fitness as well as my enjoyment when exercising. Paola is an engaging, enthusiastic and clear Pilates teacher. I love her various routines which I can pick to match my energy levels. I would definitely recommend shapes to people of all Pilates abilities. There is something in it for everyone

Fay Davies, entrepreneur ,: Theres loads of stuff on there for the time poor that truly works and I believe in Paolas method so much – shes not only transformed my body but shes got me back to walking (twice) in the face of serious back surgery.  So whatever the reason for looking at what she does, I cant recommend her highly enough

Amelie Troisi, marketing student: Paola is a very enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. Her tailored video lessons allow me to work each part of my body according my daily necessities. Since I started these Pilates classes my headaches have incredibly decreased and my posture has improved. Highly suggested.

Thoraya Bartawi:  I met Paola about a year ago. I met her at a time when my lifestyle was not healthy resulting in being overweight, out of shape which did not make me feel good about myself. We started doing private sessions as I had a serious dislike to gyms and public training spaces. She was very astute  in recognising this and was able to make the sessions exciting and variable and I kept going back. Deep down I did not think I will see results but I kept going back because I felt wonderful after each session. I would walk out tall and felt much better within.

Paola is very compassionate and non judgmental and I started opening up to her. Her ability to listen without judgement is amazing. I trusted her and seeing her helped me immensely in letting go of the emotional luggage which I was holding onto which was sabotaging my progress.

3 months ago I started  seeing Paola in her capacity as a health coach and this is when I noticed a complete shift in my attitude to a healthier lifestyle.

Just like magic it all started to make sense and I started seeing a new me both physically as well as emotionally.

Paola has been my rock and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a Pilates trainer as well as a health coach

Yin: Paola is super lovely and has lots of positive energy. Her classes are fast-paced, challenging and incredibly effective. I already started noticing  the difference after my first  session with her!

Chloe Read, Student: I have been attending Paola’s Pilates Classes for about two months now, and I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. She’s an incredible instructor – very thorough, energetic, encouraging and kind. Not to mention a lovely person as well! Paola’s arguably the best Pilates instructor I’ve ever had, and I’ve been doing Pilates on and off for a few years. She allowed me to discover a new love for Pilates and stick with it! Try one of her classes and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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