Paola Langella

Early Stages

I was born in Naples, Italy, and growing up I developed a strong passion for travelling and dancing. These two passions played a pivotal role in my life decisions – I studied ballet and contemporary dance in one of the best academies in Southern Italy, Mara Fusco Lyceum, and graduated with a degree in Languages and Arts from Orientale university in Naples. 

From the age of 14 to 17 I suffered from eating disorders. I had the fortune to have a great family that brought me to see an amazing nutritionist in Italy that became my second mum. She saved my life by giving me freedom, knowledge and love. Working with her I understood that most importantly food was not my enemy, and that eating was not causing my body to put on weight but in fact the opposite: eating good food would keep my body healthy and slim long term. 

Since then, I did lots of self study and research, and I became very passionate about emotional eating, body image, body confidence, healthy weight loss, and the reasons why diets do not work. 

When I was 20 I went to London for the first time and it was love at first sight. I immediately thought that London would become my city! I could sense London was where I would find opportunities, adventures, challenges, connections, and experience a great deal of personal growth. Three years after graduating university I moved to London where I currently live.

Career Start

In London, I completed a Masters in Media and Communications at London College of Communication while at the same time pursuing my dance career; one day, during a tango choreography I injured my neck. I suffered from a very bad slipped disc and I had to stop dancing for three months. While I was recovering, my doctors suggested Pilates techniques to help me strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles. Not knowing anything about Pilates at the time, I was very skeptical, but after the first session I understood the incredible potential and how it could help me recover. I understood after one class that my injury had indirectly brought me to my next life challenge; I started studying to become a Pilates instructor with STOTT PILATES in London and personal trainer with Premier Global while I was finishing my Masters in media and communication. I could not postpone studying Pilates, I felt as if it were my calling! After I finished all my studies, I immediately started working with osteopaths, doctors and for the most important Pilates studios in Central London and Kensington like Bodyism, Core Collective, Nordic Balance, Good Vibe studios, Sweaty Betty, Form studios. I had the honour of meeting, training and connecting with amazing clients, friends, business people and forming a strong community that every day support me in delivering my service.

After two years of teaching experience I decided to move my career into a managerial position to understand how to manage a gym financially and professionally. I managed a big gym in London for two years, Gymbox. It had been a great experience and I had the honour to learn from the best in the field of management, operations, marketing, advertising, HR and from the amazing instructors working there. But my life was not great as I was missing my clients, and the sedentary 9-5 job was not for me.  I used to train every morning at 5.30am before I started work at 9am. I was not cooking for myself as I was always tired and stressed; I gained weight as a consequence of the lack of sleep, working out in the wrong way, relying on pre-cooked or packaged food, and of course my high cortisol level that was constantly keeping me on edge. I went completely off track! 

Once I made the difficult decision to quit my job, I was very scared but the big picture and goal I had in my mind for myself, in addition to the positivity from my clients and my family, gave me the motivation to keep going. 

I experienced lots of difficulties and obstacles as you can imagine. I built my online studio, Shapes Studio, with zero knowledge of web design, but I knew the online home workout was something my current clients, as well as those that didn’t know me, could benefit from. The process at times was a struggle but finally I DID IT! I focused on the good things I already had, what I could improve, and the reasons why I was taking this step: my own health, my freedom to exercise and exercise without stress, educating people to manage their stress, and helping them to lose weight in a very natural way. From there everything started to evolve. 

I decided I wanted to help women that struggle with these issues; amazing, sophisticated, intelligent women who feel lost and depressed because they cannot lose weight and they are in vicious circle of trying diets, working out for crazy hours and eating pre packaged food in the night. I am well positioned to help them as I lived this situation myself and I have all the knowledge and experience to approach these issues in a holistic, sustainable way, that works long term. 

I studied at Integrative Nutrition, the leading nutrition school in NYC; I had the honour to study with nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, professors in the field of nutrition, emotions, stress and relationships.

My personal journey and the love for my clients brought me to study further to become a Health Coach Nutritionist in order to learn the tools and strategies with which I could help my clients to improve not only their bodies but also their lives. I am proud of my career today, to do something I truly love, and to have the knowledge and the skills to help whoever crosses my path.

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