Paola Langella

Early Stages

I was born in Naples, Italy, and growing up I developed a strong passion for travelling and dancing. These two passions played a pivotal role in my life decisions – I studied ballet and contemporary dance in Naples, Italy and graduated with a degree in Languages and Arts from Orientale university in Naples. 

When I was 20 I went to London for the first time and it was love at first sight. I immediately thought that London would become my city! I could sense London was where I would find opportunities, adventures, challenges, connections, and experience a great deal of personal growth. Three years after graduating university I moved to London.

Career Start

In London, I completed a Masters in Media and Communications at London College of Communication while at the same time pursuing my dance career; one day, during a tango choreography I injured my neck. I suffered from a very bad slipped disc and I had to stop dancing for three months. While I was recovering, my doctors suggested to start Pilates to help strengthen my neck and shoulder muscles. Not knowing anything about Pilates at the time, I was very skeptical, but after the first session I understood the incredible potential and how it could help me recover. I understood after one class that my injury had indirectly brought me to my next life challenge; I started studying to become a Pilates instructor with STOTT Pilates in London while I was finishing my Masters in media and communication. I could not postpone studying Pilates, I felt as if it were my calling! After I finished all my studies, I immediately started working with osteopaths, doctors and for boutique Pilates studios in Central London and Kensington like Bodyism, Core Collective, Nordic Balance, Good Vibe studios, Sweaty Betty, Form studios, Core Kensington. I had the honour of meeting, training and connecting with amazing clients, friends, business people and forming a strong community that every day support me in delivering my service.

After two years of teaching experience I decided to move my career into a managerial position to understand how to manage a studio financially and professionally. I managed for two years,  Gymbox, a gym in Central London, covering the role as studio manager and general manager. It had been a great experience and I had the honour to learn from the best in the field of management, operations, marketing, advertising, HR and from the amazing instructors working there. But my life was not great as I was missing my clients, and the sedentary 9-5 job was not for me. 

Once I made the difficult decision to quit my job, I opened my private studio in Notting Hill, Holland Park and built my online studio, SHAPES Studio, as I knew the online home workout was something my current clients, as well as those that didnt know me, could benefit from. 

My personal journey and the love for my clients brought me to study further to become a Health Coach Nutrition with the institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC, in order to learn the tools and the strategies with which I could help my clients to improve not only their body but also their  lifestyle.

In addition to Pilates and Nutrition health coach, I teach Yoga. I feel honoured everyday to share Yoga and its wisdom, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to study with Sarah Platt Finger and Deepak Chopra . Today I bring Yoga into my life and my client’s life to help them living their path with joy, serenity, contentment, healing unprocessed emotions and working on body  acceptance.

Nowadays, I live between Italy and London, teaching  privately online, organising retreats, events and workshops. 

I truly love my job, and so grateful to have the knowledge and the skills to help people in their wellness journey with Pilates, Yoga and Nutrition.

 Health is 360 degrees and we cannot separate our body with our mind. Being in love with ourselves and have a healthy self-esteem is the the first step for healing. 

I look forward to connecting with you, 

Paola x

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