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Shapes is an online Pilates and fitness studio. We offer Dynamic and Cardio Pilates workouts, a nutrition and lifestyle library, fundamentals classes, Pilates principles and corrections classes, and stretching classes.

SHAPES Benefits

Unlimited Access

Get access to ALL of our learning material and online Pilates videos, without restriction. This includes tips for beginners, stretching videos, cardio and dynamic Pilates workouts, divided by body part to target your unique needs.

Time Saving and Efficient Workout

With highly effective, intense workouts lasting between 10 and 40 minutes, Shapes videos offer a convenient way to work out with the time you have, wherever you are. Take control of your workout time!.

2 Membership Levels

Cancel or pause your subscription online, anytime. Choose the membership option that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Get your questions answered by Paola and request videos. Join our Facebook group for motivation, and to find like minded people in your area to work out with.

Personalized Program

Schedule a consultation with Paola to help you to achieve your goals by creating a custom workout program.

Fall In Love With Your Shape

I am here to teach you to exercise from a place of self-love. Instead of pursuing fad diets and workouts, you will become empowered and learn to have fun. Shapes aims to show you how to be more in tune with yourself – not to feel guilty if you need to skip a workout. I’m here to support you while you learn to take control of your mind and body.

Results Driven

My SHAPES Pilates classes, in combination with cardio exercises, shape your body, tone your muscles, and help develop a more flexible spine. With Shapes, 15 to 20 minutes of Pilates every day can change your body without stressing it. You will see results after just five days.

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