Online Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Online

Exercise, along with food, is the key for true wellbeing.

I will support you as you get to know your body’s preferences and tailor a unique workout designed just for you, combining all the benefits from Pilates and fitness: flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular exercise.


Your mind set plays a big role in keeping you motivated.

Training with me online or in person will help you to visualise your goals, keeping them in your mind’s eye and encouraging you to continue striving towards them.

Remember, we exercise because we love our bodies, not as a form of punishment.


Honour your body.
The body isn
t designed to work out vigorously everyday.
Choosing the right workout for you is the key to making sustainable changes.
The wrong workout can lead you to stress, over eat, gain weight and feel constantly tired. I can help you figure out your best workout regime and together we can plan a program tailored to your needs and expectations while always listening to feedback from your body.
Please listen to your body always, all the answers you need are just there, inside you!


Work on small muscles to stabilise your entire body
Sculpt your entire body
Work on flexibility, balance, stamina and endurance
Promote stress reduction
Rehabilitate the areas you need to focus on

Online Pilates Sessions Package:

You can choose to buy packages of 5 or 10 classes. Prices range from £65 to £55 per 45 minutes, depending on the package selected. 

How to get the body and lifestyle you desire
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