Group Health Coaching sessions

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Online Group Health Coaching Sessions are a three month programme, with two sessions per month.  These sessions are a great way to connect from wherever you are, creating a safe and intimate space with like minded people to discuss your main concerns to achieve healthy weight loss.

The healing process and the results you will have in three months will completely transform your mind and body!

Please see below what we are going to cover during the programme and the benefits you are going to get:

  • Get clear on your “why” as well as your long and short term goals
  • Create a peaceful and balanced lifestyle that will lead you to make more mindful and healthy choices in terms of food
  • Achieve a deep understanding of what food is good and what food is NOT good for you based on your UNIQUE lifestyle
  • Understand the balanced plate for you, discover what carbs, proteins and fats really are, and why we need them
  • Learn how to break cravings
  • How to cook in 20 minutes when we are so busy and have our family to take care of
  • How to stay active everyday

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