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Healthy, Homemade Guacamole


Green Juice Recipe: Detox and Cleanse

Crowd out unhealthy food by adding more good nutrients to your diet. Start by adding…

6 Simple Tips to Improve Your Mindset and to Become More Positive

  I know that these days mood can swing quite rapidly for all of us….

How To Increase Your Body Confidence and See Yourself Beautiful Every Day


Combat Sugar Cravings with Sweet Vegetables – Sweet Potato and Avocado with Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and when I really crave sugar, I take a…

Why Gentle Workouts and Being Kind to Ourselves are the Key to Losing Weight

Many of my SHAPESTUDIO members are experiencing true lifestyle transformations in terms of appetite control,…

7 Detoxifying Stretches to Boost Your Immune System

Hello my Friend,   Lately, I’ve been receiving lots of requests for a specific routine…

Why Group Health Coaching is Good For You?

Dear Reader,    I would like to talk today about the importance of health coaching…

5 Effective Pilates Moves For a Flat Tummy

Hello Dear Reader,    I hope you are very well today!   I’ve put together…

Easy and Quick Detox Salad with Chickpeas


3 Tips To Manage Stress And To Avoid Weight Gain

Hello my lovely friend,

Years ago, I remember I exercised every day, doing spin classes at 6am, high intensity interval classes and working as a manager from 7am to 9pm. I suffered from lack of sleep and most of the time I made poor food choices.

6 Steps to Create the Home of Your Dreams

Our home is our sanctuary and it plays a crucial role in our wellbeing, stress levels and happiness. Have you ever heard of feng shui?

Postnatal Workouts – that you can enjoy at home (with your kids)

Wanna get slim and lose some weight? Eat good breakfast!

Calmness and Moderation Form the Key to a Good Workout

Often, we put so much stress on ourselves to succeed at everything we rarely stop to think about where we started and how far we have come. Each day, at work, or in our relationships, we often think that there is something that needs to be fixed or improved.

Why a scale is not a good tool to monitor your weight loss?

Would you use a measuring tape to measure time? Would you use a watch to measure the quantity of a liquid? Why would you want to use a scale to measure fat?

4 Morning Routine Tips to Transform Your Day and Your Body In a Week

Hello guys,

I decided to share with you some tips to get rid of those extra pounds (after holiday) and to start the day in a more positive, energetic way and to help you to fall in love with yourself and your shape.

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